How To Identify A Wasp Problem

Wasps are easily identifiable with their black and yellow bodies and two pairs of wings and we offer a wasp nest removal Lincolnshire service. The female has a sting located at the tip of the abdomen which she will use if threatened.

There are two main species of wasps that live in the UK; the Common Wasp and the German Wasp (European Wasp) and both of these can nest underground, within trees, walls and roof spaces. The nests are usually made in the Spring when the wasps are working together and you can usually identify the opening or entrance by the constant wasp activity. It is late summer that they can be the biggest problem as this is when their work is complete and the wasp society breaks down. They begin to feed on sugary plants and become dozy and at this stage are much more likely to sting.

Due to the danger they impose, its always best to ensure that wasps or hornets are removed by professional pest removal technicians so that it is done safely and quickly.

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