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Rats can be a very persistent problem to have. They often chew holes to gain access to the soffit and eaves and also under floorboards, and once inside they chew on wires and pipes causing a risk of electrical outages and a fire hazard.

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We know finding rats in your home or business is a distressing situation for you. Thankfully, when you inquire with us, we have the most effective and efficient ways to remove the rats from your property.

We also offer a proofing service to help protect your property against future vermin problems.

Why Use Pestcotek For Your Rat Control?

We have built up a fantastic reputation in the Lincolnshire area for being one of the best rat control companies in the area.

Rat Facts

Although being able to live in some of the most squalid of conditions, rats & mice (despite common belief) do try to keep themselves fastidiously clean, continually washing and grooming themselves. However, they do carry many harmful diseases and bacteria and are not to be taken lightly especially if you own a food preparation or hotel business where health & hygiene is of paramount importance.

How To Identify Signs of Rats:

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Rat Control Specialists

Damage Caused


Rats transmit serious diseases and disease-carrying parasites into your home or business including:

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Areas Covered for Rat Control

If you do not see the area you are in covered below, please call Pestcotek FREE on 0800 092 1979 to see if we have a technician local to you. Our main rat control areas covered are: