Pest Proofing Services & Products

Methods of bird control can include physical bird deterrents, visual deterrents, audible bird scarers, natural falconry bird deterrents and more. We can provide bird proofing and electronic fly killers in Lincolnshire.

Bird Proofing Methods:

Electric Fly Killers

We offer sales and service of electric fly killers call us free on 0800 092 1979 to discuss all our products.

Electric fly killers use long-wavelength ultraviolet light to attract and kill flies using electrocution. Ideally these products would only be used indoors as using them outdoors can attract other flying insects and cause a problem rather than give a solution. If you would like advice on what sort of electric fly killer products we sell and service then please contact us on 0800 092 1979

Commercial Pest Proofing

Flying insects are a major source of concern when it comes to public safety. Insects are known carriers of a large number of pathogens responsible for human disease.

When they fly, they are highly mobile and we have no way of telling where or on what they may have alighted before landing on our food or food preparation surfaces.

Our commercial pest control control service can provide solutions to this problem. Contact us on 0800 092 1979