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Sadly most domestic pets will at some point pick up a flea infestation bringing this irritating insect into your home. You can usually tell when your pet scratches a lot more than usual but as the fleas are tiny, you often won’t see them before the problem is well established.

It’s important to have your pet treated regularly for fleas but it is only the flea itself that lives on animals. The flea eggs can drop onto carpets or furnishing and then hatch and re-infect your pet, causing a cycle of infestation. Not only that but fleas can lay dormant in carpets for up to 10 months only coming to life again when they are disturbed by the vibrations caused by any movement.

This means that empty homes can be infested with fleas even if undisturbed for many months.

Careful fumigation and treatment of the entire home is vitally important when fleas have been discovered to ensure that they do not return. So call us now if you think your current or new home may have an infestation so that we can take care of the problem once and for all!

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